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Build your own custom avatar!

Tuesday, January 5th, 2021

Choose among hundreds of poses which have been released to date and set your own configuration settings or base look elements to make the avatar truly your own!

You can request a custom animated avatar with up to 10 standing and up to 8 sitting poses (extra poses option is also available)

You can pick the hair, eye or nailpolish color, disable or enable breathing, add a lift to the poses to make them work with high platform shoes & more (see the request forms for the full list of options)

You can also request the poses to be tweaked to be compatible with a product or a body shape.


Choosing the poses:

With the animated avatars, you can choose any 10 standing and any 8 sitting poses

If you’d prefer to have less poses in the rotation, simply leave the extra fields blank

Avatar Product id: the product id number is a part of the product URL. For example, product id for Estelle avatar is 33630983

Trigger: each of the poses has a name/trigger which looks like E1, E2, T6 etc


What will the ordering process look like?

After you’ve submitted the form, you will soon get a confirmation with a copy of your request to your email address.

Once the avatar is ready, I will message you on imvu with the avatar product ID for you to try out. Also, I’ll send a paypal invoice to your email address

If you are satisfied with the result, you pay the invoice and I gift the avatar to you.


How long will it take for me to receive the avatar?

I will try my best to put together your avatar within 5 days


Can you create an exclusive pose for me?

No, sorry, you can only choose from the poses which have been created to date


Can I submit my own custom parts to be added to the avatar?

No, sorry. All of the parts in my products must be made by me.


Can you alter avatar after the request has been submitted?

If you made a mistake, you can still change the options after completing the form, just email to
info [+at+] with your revisions and your avatar name.

After the payment has been sent and avatar has been created, there will be no option to change anything.


Can you make the poses work with a certain product?

Yes, but this might cost extra. In the ‘Body Match’ section of the request form you can provide a link to your saved outfit for which the poses will be optimised


Can you change the hands or head sizes?

Yes, if you require specific head/hands measurements, please include the X Y Z values in ‘Special Requets/Comments’ field


Will my avatar be available for sale to general public?

Unless a special arrangement has been made, the custom avatar will be listed as ‘Display Only’ in the catalog, so it will not be available to purchase by anyone else.


If you have questions not answered here, message me on IMVU or at this email address:
info [+at+]